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I hope you all are having a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

This journal is a bit of a landmark for me; it is the first one I've made in your new home! My family and I are still getting settled a bit (Nothing has been hanged on the walls yet) but we're getting there. We should start putting things on the walls soon.

However, that isn't the main reason I'm typing this journal up. To be honest, I've been in the house for at least a week now! No, the reason for the journal is much better than that. Today, echosdusk revealed who each of her "secret dragons" were for. This was he Christmas gift to some of her friends on dA... and she gave me one!

Audiamus is a character she created who was partially inspired by myself, and I have to admit that I love his design! Seriously, look at it! LOOK AT IT!

Warrior and Wise Drake by echosdusk

Isn't it awesome!?
It's also the first time anyone has made any sort of gift to me on dA, so I'm especially appreciative.

Now, since this is a journal, I might as well mention what I've been doing recently. Since I finished school early in December, I intended to write some more of "Pyrrha". However, TheAkula managed to get me to make a Skype account and join her chat group. This has ended up eating most of my time, especially since I'm now working 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm, with a thirty minute transit time in between home and work. On the upside, socializing! Before I even start to work on "Pyrrha" though, I need to empty my inbox. Thankfully, that is mostly stuff from Gadzooooks which I've put off editing. If it don't edit that stuff before New Year's, feel free to give me a kick in the rear!

One last thing: I recently added a Webcam to my page. Go take a look at it, and please, increase your scaling; the image is very high definition, and will become more clear if you do so. First person to find dA wins... Nothing!

Once again, merry Christmas all!
And wish my brother a happy birthday!

EDIT: It turns out I crossed another milestone; I now have enough watchers that my earliest ones are no longer displayed! Woohoo!

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