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Uh, yeah... I think it's time for a new journal.

First of all, my 3DS friend code is
and feel free to add me, just leave your own friend code and registered name as a comment, so I know who has added me and who I can add back.

The past year I've been keeping busy with school and work. Progress on Pyrrha has been slow, mostly due to my poor concentration and desire to normally do just about anything else. Still, I have managed to type and post the final version of Chapter Three. Go ahead and read it, but if you already have read it once before now the only changes are near the end; feel free to skip down to it. Still, I have plans for the story and will continue to write it. As a forewarning, I'm going to skip a whole bunch of dialogue and move on to the next year and backfill when I need to do so.

Well, that's all I got to say. Just letting everyone know I'm not dead without having to check my activity log.
Combak out!
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I hope you all are having a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

This journal is a bit of a landmark for me; it is the first one I've made in your new home! My family and I are still getting settled a bit (Nothing has been hanged on the walls yet) but we're getting there. We should start putting things on the walls soon.

However, that isn't the main reason I'm typing this journal up. To be honest, I've been in the house for at least a week now! No, the reason for the journal is much better than that. Today, echosdusk revealed who each of her "secret dragons" were for. This was he Christmas gift to some of her friends on dA... and she gave me one!

Audiamus is a character she created who was partially inspired by myself, and I have to admit that I love his design! Seriously, look at it! LOOK AT IT!

Warrior and Wise Drake by echosdusk

Isn't it awesome!?
It's also the first time anyone has made any sort of gift to me on dA, so I'm especially appreciative.

Now, since this is a journal, I might as well mention what I've been doing recently. Since I finished school early in December, I intended to write some more of "Pyrrha". However, TheAkula managed to get me to make a Skype account and join her chat group. This has ended up eating most of my time, especially since I'm now working 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm, with a thirty minute transit time in between home and work. On the upside, socializing! Before I even start to work on "Pyrrha" though, I need to empty my inbox. Thankfully, that is mostly stuff from Gadzooooks which I've put off editing. If it don't edit that stuff before New Year's, feel free to give me a kick in the rear!

One last thing: I recently added a Webcam to my page. Go take a look at it, and please, increase your scaling; the image is very high definition, and will become more clear if you do so. First person to find dA wins... Nothing!

Once again, merry Christmas all!
And wish my brother a happy birthday!

EDIT: It turns out I crossed another milestone; I now have enough watchers that my earliest ones are no longer displayed! Woohoo!

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This journal is primarily a follow up to the previous journal, seen here.

Remember how I said I would post another journal when I had put the character sheet and plot outline for "Pyrrha" in my Scraps? Well, here's a journal! Please remember, those do contain spoilers!

Since I'm putting up a new journal, I might as well talk about a few things I forgot to mention in the previous journal. I know I said I would edit it if I had forgotten something, but a few of these took time to develop. Besides, I knew I had to type this journal, so why not save some content for it?

I'll start with the dA related news and move towards the personal life stuff.

I'll start with a piece of news that should have been in the previous journal: I will be rewriting Pyrrha.
DON'T PANIC! I will not be starting over right now. Quite frankly, it drives me nuts when a writer writes the start to a story, doesn't like it, and decides to start over again. Thus, I will not be doing that. Instead, I will finish typing the story and make notes of places that I want to change in the first revised version, which will unimaginatively be called "Pyrrha – R1".
What do I want to change? Right now, it's two things, neither of which are minor.
The first thing I want to change are the next three chapters, Chapters 4, 5, and 6. They are Pyrrha's lessons, and act as a huge info dump. They were a pain to write, will probably be even more painful to type, and will most likely be rather boring to read. In the revised story, I plan to remove most of the content in these chapters. The events and information relayed during the lessons will instead be given to the reader during flashbacks when that information becomes important. These flashbacks will be their own separate chapters and will hopefully, when read in chronological order, tell an understandable tale.
The second thing I want to change is the beginning. In the revised version I'll let Pyrrha introduce herself and her background. Until she gets trapped during the robbery, I'll only refer to her by description or feminine pronouns. Then, when she talks to Ferrous and tells him her story, she will also inform the readers. It seems much more elegant than the current opening.
Like I said though, I'm going to post the original version of the story first. It'll be helpful in ironing out problems, getting suggestions, and ensuring that the story is enjoyable. Besides, I'm not scraping those chapters I haven't even posted yet!

The second thing I want to talk about is a second story. I want to write something more flexible than Pyrrha, and right now I have three different ideas. Before I go over the ideas though, I need to go over what I want from these tales.
Have you ever read Redwall? It's a very common book to read for young teens and is occasionally read as part of a school's curriculum. The interesting thing about Redwall and the book series it spawned is that it is not your traditional series. Between books, the characters often change, as does the time, but the setting often remains the same, or is at least similar. The same universe is used multiple times, but each tale brings a different set of characters, conditions, and time. So, while the books relate to each other, and probably could be put into chronological order if someone cared to try, each one is essential separate. That is the kind of setting I want my next story to have; one where, after the universe is set up, I can do whatever I want.

I call my first story idea the "Book of" series. It starts with a zoologist and his apprentice being tasked with cataloging all the mammalian species they can. Part way through their journey, they meet up with a dishonored knight, who they get to accompany them as a guard. The master zoologist ends up dying and the apprentice must finish the book. During this, the knight trains him in combat, and towards the end of the book he learns some magic. At the end of the book, he published his book, called "The Book of Fur". The twist to all this? The world is hugely anthropomorphic. Practically everything in this universe is anthropomorphic to at least some degree. There are talking animals, cat-girls, taurs, bipeds, quadrupeds, shape shifters, and everything in between. The third book would focus on bugs, the next birds, and so on.
The idea of this series is to really explore the idea of anthropomorphism. While most people might think of humanoid mammals, this isn't the limit. Just go look at the most popular deviation of all time in dA's Anthro category. Go ahead, look; this will still be here when you come back. It's a tree playing the fiddle, right? This is the stuff this tale will include. Some of the last books may include anthropomorphic shapes, for crying out loud. Yes, I'm serious, although that section is mostly a huge literary pun about round and flat characters.
How will all of this be strung together? The same knight and zoologist will do the exploration for each book. Now, you might be thinking that this doesn't really match the description of the story I was trying to write, and you'd be right! However, between each book most of the other characters will change, as will the continent, so I think I can make it work.
The main problem with this story is that it really hits on one of my weak spots. I order to introduce all of these species, all of these different cultures, I would have to think up a ton of names and words. Unfortunately, that is something I'm absolutely terrible at doing. Thus, unless I get a lot of positive feedback on this idea, I think I might just leave this as some sort of RP universe… if I knew how to RP…
The planned book series would go "The Book of Fur", "The Book of Love", "The Book of Feathers", "The Book of Scales", "The Book of Men and Mer", "The Book of Plants", and "The Book of the Abstract". "The Book of Love" would mostly be transition and character development.

I have yet to name my second idea for a story, but I do have a start for it: The world ended fifty years ago. At least, that is what the village elders tell me. I don't really know; I wasn't born at the time. Obviously, the setting for this story is post-apocalyptic, but it's a different type of apocalypse. The end of the world was caused by the natural reversing of the Earth's magnetic poles. This fries all of the electronics on the planet, causing a collapse of the modern world. It also causes something else: the release of magic. This first release transforms most of the people on Earth into new creatures, creating an anthropomorphic universe. The magic in this universe is rather limited. I plan to use it as a force over a distance. While everyone can use most types of magic, everyone is especially skilled at one type of magic. Energists are skilled at manipulating energy, letting them summon fire or lightning. Kinectists are skilled with moving things. Healers are skilled at, well, healing. I still have to think about a few types.
The first story will focus on a young dragon (are you surprised?) with seemingly no magic. All the people who live in his village must go to school, where, along with the normal subjects, they learn how to defend their town and themselves. He discovers he is a time-shifter, a type of magic only those who are skilled at it can use. On the day of his graduation from his school year, his village is attacked. Many of the younger members of the village escape, but all of the elders die. One of his friends goes back and is captured. Eventually, he goes back, rescues his friend with the help of a girl who ends up falling for the rescued friend, and they all live happily ever after. Basically, it's an adventure story with magic, weapons, and guns. What? Guns are mechanical, not electrical.
The problem with this series is that the plot is fairly undeveloped. I have a few characters thought up, most of the world set up, and an idea of what the conflict will be about, but I don't know how to get from A to B. I've got a rough idea of what the start will be like, so if this story generates interest I could at least get started on the story, but I still need a name for it and a few characters.

The third idea I had for a short is also the oldest one. I was thinking about doing a fan-fic based on Farm-Fresh's stories, but he has asked people to not do any more fan-fics and has been very inactive, so I can't even ask really.

I have also been thinking about some much shorter writing pieces I could write. I've got ideas for a descriptive scene, a short brochure-type piece of what to do if you ever visit Cincinnati, a piece on how the "anthroness" of stuff varies and a way to categorize it, and a thing on the way characters often fight, based in part on Skyrim. These are listed from shortest to longest. Leave a comment on which of these, if any, spark your interest.

I'm working on clearing my inbox right now. Currently, I'm got 454 messages in there, and I've got… seven stories to read or reread, and a few I said I would help with a little editing. So, that might take me awhile. If I can't finish it during winter break, I guess I'll find more than enough time to read it all during next summer.

I've changed my bio! Go take a look!

I started to watch montyoum's RWBY, made by Rooster Teeth. It's pretty good, and I'd recommend you take a look at it if you like anime.

One last thing: I'm moving! Yep, my family is working on selling the house I've lived in for about ten years now. We'll be moving to a larger house which was foreclosed on about two years ago. We'll have to do quite a bit of work to fix everything and get stuff the way we like it, but it should be a nice upgrade for us. The only downside is that my brother and I may have to share a room…

Well, thanks for reading this 1815 word long journal, and please leave a comment with your thoughts and opinions!

Edit 10-03-13: I GOT A JOB!

Edit 11-02-13: WOOHOO! Farm-Fresh is back! Also, I start working this Tuesday, and will be out on my old home this Sunday. I still think I should be able to clear out my inbox by Christmas, so around New Year's Day I should be uploading new bits to Pyrrha... Or I might just wait until I have a part or two done, and start uploading weekly again.

"Can any-"
"Sir, I think I-"
"Send it though!"

... Ok, enough of that tomfoolery.
Hi guys! I'm back, after, what, three months of no or limited activity? I apologize for the even longer lack of uploads. Now, this is probably going to be a long journal, because I have some good news, bad news, really bad news, and just plain news. Oh, and a tag. So, without farther adue, let's get going.

I'll take care of that tag first:
I was tagged by echosdusk by this back in January, but I never actually did it. Woops!
... You know want, let me do something here...
*Snip, snip*
Let's fold here...
*Snip, tape, glue*
There we go! Perfect!

Combak's modified tag:
1. Post six things about yourself in your journal.
2. There are no other rules.

1. I have a first name.
2. I have a middle name.
3. I have a last name.
4. I have a set of initials.
5. I'm twenty years old.
6. I am typing this journal.

So, how did I do? :icontrollfaceplz:

Next on my list: What the heck have I been doing? ... I'll tell as much as I feel comfortable sharing. 
    After a dismal first quarter in my sophomore year, I've switched colleges. Instead of going to my old college, I'll be going to a college much closer to home. In fact, I'm typing this from there! As for why I had such a bad quarter... well... Apparently, I have trouble controlling myself when it comes to stuff like video games and the Internet... (Yes, I'm aware of the irony.) Because of this, my parents, my psychiatrist, and I decided I should limit my electronics. Thus, I lost Internet access. That was the really bad news.
    The good news is that I'm back! I've started my first semester at my new college and so far things are going well. I've got my laptop back (Obviously) and my phone back. In fact, we switched phone carriers, during which I got a new phone! Finally, service in my house! (We used to have problems because we live in a valley.) So now I have consistent Internet access at home. (More good news!) 
    In the time between then and now, I've been busy. I've finished The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, start to finish (No DLC. Oh, and I'll let you guess my character's race), got a volunteer job at a local hospital filing their employee paperwork, got my first actual paid job (Only a temporary thing though), went to my first concert as part of my birthday (Brad Paisley), and have been writing. That's right, I've written the next part of "Pyrrha"! In fact, I've written several parts. However, these are the parts I worry about. I call them the "creepy-weird infodump section" because, well, that's what they are. I'm a little worried that they might break the rules, so would anyone like to pre-read these sections before I post them? Just tell me if you thing any parts break the rules and why, and I'll wheel them back a bit.
    Here's some more bad news: A few of you might be wondering how I wrote some parts without computer access. The answer is simple: I literally wrote them. That means that, before I even post them for a rule-check, I have to type them up. I'm pretty sure that the only thing I'll find more boring than reading something I wrote is typing it up... and reading a nonfiction biography on a entrepreneur who died of cancer.
    Speaking of typing things up, there are a few things I want to put up first. Namely, a short "feel" piece, a character list for "Pyrrha", a map I made for it, and a breakdown of my inbox since I now have 1318 messages in it. If you watch me, don't worry; both the parts on "Pyrrha" will be sent directly to my Scraps. I'll post a notice when I upload both of them, but be warned: They will contain spoilers. Of course, I need to re-install Microsoft Office before I can do any of this, but I should be able to do that tomorrow.

I think that's all I wanted to say on that topic. If I remember anything, I add it to the bottom with an edit. Now, on to something slightly more interesting.

You know how I say I'm the "Cookie Monster of Stories"? Well, here's what I mean. Between my pervious journal and now, I've read:
1. A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin
2. A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin
3. A Strom of Swords by George R. R. Martin
4. A Feast for Crows by George R. R. Martin
(Personally, I feel these are best for a more adult audience than the LotR series, my previous holder for the spot of the series I read with I felt was best suited for a "mature" audience. I'm still waiting for the library to tell me they have the next book available.)
5. Fablehaven by Brandon Mull
6. Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star by Brandon Mull
7. Artemis Fowl: The Last Gaurdian by Eoin Colfer
8. Pendragon: Before the War: Book One of the Travelers by Carla Jablonski; created by D. J. MacHale
9. Pendragon: Before the War: Book Two of the Travelers by Walter Sorrells; created by D. J. MacHale
10. Pendragon: Before the War: Book Three of the Travelers by Walter Sorrells; created by D. J. MacHale
11. Morpheus Road: The Light by D. J. MacHale
12. Morpheus Road: The Black by D. J. MacHale
13. Morpheus Road: The Blood by D. J. MacHale
(Best if you've read his Pendragon series first)
14. The Floating Islands by Rachel Newmeier
15. Witch and Wizard by James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet
16. Witch and Wizard: The Gift by James Patterson and Ned Rust
17. Witch and Wizard: The Fire by James Patterson and Jill Dembowski
(Not the best series...)
18. Here, There Be Dragons written and illustrated by James A. Owen
19. The Search for the Red Dragon written and illustrated by James A. Owen
20. The Indigo King written and illustrated by James A. Owen
21. The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan
22. The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan

I'm currently reading the book in that series. On hand, I also have:

1. The Dragon's Apprentice written and illustrated by James A. Owen
2. The Dragons of Winter written and illustrated by James A. Owen
3. Eon: Dragoneye Reborn by Alison Goodman
4. Eona: the Last Dragoneye by Alison Goodman
5. The Rogue Crew by Brian Jacques; illustrated by Sean Rubin
6. The Sable Quean by Brian Jacques; illustrated by Sean Rubin
7. His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik
(A few people on DA really like it, so I decided to take a look.)

Note that everything after the Song of Ice and Fire series was read during this summer break. I've also been keeping up with the stories written by everyone I watch on DA (Except maybe one or two people) and all the webcomics I read.

I'll finish with my actual response to that tag:
1. My favorite color is orange.
2. Based on test scores, I'm smart. Like, really smart.
3. I'm attending a public school for the first time since the first grade.
4. For the longest time I wanted to be an architect because I liked to design and build stuff. Then, in my high school years, my parents suggested I take a look at civil engineering because of my math skills. Then, after looking at the average salary for the various types of engineers, I decided to go into chemical engineering due to my chemistry skills and their pay. Plus, my grandma taught chemistry for fifteen years, so I have a readily available source of help.
5. My favorite animals are the Komodo dragon and cheetah. However, if the existed, dragons would quickly top that list.
6. I've never RPed before. This is kinda my way of asking if anyone would be willing to teach me...

EDIT: A quick edit and two books I forgot. (#21 and #22)
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"Oh, hey, it's Friday. I should upload another piece from my old AP Drawing Portfolio."
*Checks AP Drawing Portfolio folder*
*Checks Concentration section*
"Ah, there's one. Hmm..."
*Checks Breathe section*
*Checks Concentration section*
"Well, shit."

Well, it finally happened. Today, I upload the last piece from my AP Drawing class...
Unless some creeper manages to find one of my two self-portraits, in which case I'll upload them.
So, if you only watch me for my art, you're out of luck. I will still be uploading "Pyrrha" but I still need to work on it. I'll update part 3 soon. Just a warning though, Part 4 will be... rather nasty.

Also, I would like to apologize for my lateness in uploading it. I've been busy with some other stuff. The main thing that has been keeping me busy is...
Well, how many of you know about Minecraft?
Ok, how about custom maps?
How about CTM maps?

Ok, for anyone who is still following me, I've been making a CTM, which I have hesitantly named "Random". Why am I bringing this up? Because the map is ready for Alpha testing, and I would love it if some of you guys could help test it! Here's a link to the thread, and there is a download link there:…
Fair warning to anyone who want to test it: This is my first time making a map, and there will be some problems. Already, I see that the start is a bit tough.

One last thing: I leave for a skiing vacation in... two and a half hours. So, i'll be stuck on mobile, which means, since I use the old style, I'll be able to read all the messages you send and see all my deviations, but I won't be able to reply. I'll be back after MLK day for sure.
And I'm back! Man, I kind of want to make a paint comic on how the trip was.
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So... I'm back in college! Yay!

And I have a Chemical Engineering class which is actually about chemical engineering! Even better!

And then in the day of class, the professor says, "I think this class has a bad rap because it's the first time you guys have been truamatized. If it takes you an hour to finish a problem, don't think, 'Man, that took me an hour to do!' and instead think, 'Yes! I finished that problem in an hour!'" Also, we get assignments twice a week containing three to four problems...

So if I dissappear for the next eleven weeks... you know what's going on...

PS: Any plans I had to show off some of my Minecraft SMP stuff is being put off to the side. My friend decided to bring it back... after some $200 repairs... as a Technic server...

EDIT: I just thought that it might be interesting to know what I was currently studying. This journal should stay up for the rest of the quarter, so this will be the only part of this which will change. I won't send an update message with the updates though, so either check back occasionally or ask me to send you an update message. So:

Statics: Vector Rules Moments Dropped
Analytical Chemistry: Acid-Base Equilibrium Spectroscopy Complex Chemistry Redox Titrations
Chemical Engineering: Unit Conversion Rules System Balances Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium
Writing: Summary and Response Essay Analysis? Dropped
Differential Equations: The basics; namely, separable differential equations Higher-order Linear Ordinary Differential Equations LaPlace Transform
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Comment and I'll...

1. Tell you something I learned about by looking at your DA page for 13 seconds.
2. Tell you a color you remind me of.
3. Tell you my first memory of you.
4. Tell you what movie, TV, or video game character you remind me of.
5. Ask you a question.
6. Tell you something I like about you.
7. Give you a nickname.
8. Tell you the object that is to the left of me.
9. Dare you to post this in your journal

Well, I'm back at college... but classes don't start until Thursday, so I still have some time to write Pyrrha Part III. Since I'm going to be bored, I decided to post this now - another viral thing from ArykhDragon777. Please, go ahead and comment - although this is easier if I haven't gone to your page before...
  • Listening to: Whatever my sister is watchig on the TV
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This is the soonest I've ever put up a new journal after putting one up, but there are some special circumstances for this one. :iconechosdusk: is running a contest, namely the decision of the final enemy in her 225+ page comic, "Demon on the Battlefield", and is now letting people vote on the winner. I entered, so I thought I would let you all know about it. I'm not allowed to tell you which entry is mine, of course. There are the contest rules:… (Altough you can now vote for three characters) and the… .

By the way, Pyrrha Part III should be up in two weeks. If it isn't don't expect it for a while. College starts then, so I'll be too busy to write.

Despite this new entry, I'm still looking for groups, so please refer to the previous journal for that info.

EDIT: My entry was number 8, Nu. (I can't come up with good names, remember? And I still have to name five characters to name too...)
Contestant Eight by echosdusk
Name: Nu
Meaning of Name: Greek letter nu, and a terrible pun on the word "new"
Reason for Name: None really, just the pun.
Age: 5 years.
Gender: Male
Breed: Mutt (But no Vampire, Demon, Multi-headed, or Hydra blood.)
Home: Nowhere...
Position: Traveller
Overall Colour: Light Gray
Description: My basic idea was that this dragon is the mirror of Kincaid. While Kincaid has an associated with the god of evil, this guy is associated with the gods of light and goodness. He is a fairly uprighteous person, but he is just like Kincaid: he loves a good fight. However, he tends to pick his fights, and tries to target those he considers to be evil, who are nornally associated with Elctirnaba.

He is also a fairly clean person for some reason, washing at least once daily. He says it keeps him "pure" whatever that means.

Basically, imagine the stereotypical "Bible thumper" and apply it to your world.
Height: Average
Weight: Average
Length: Average
Eye Colour: Blue
Teeth Colour: Off-White
Nail Colour: White
Head Type: Um...
Wings: Yes
Wing Span: Average
Wing Colour: Yellow
Distinctive Marks: None?
Encrusted Marks: None
Parents: Does it actually matter?
Other Relatives: Some say he's a descendent of Alumina. Others say he is the great grandson of some minor deity.
Main God of Worship: Alumina
Illnesses: None of importance.
Childhood: Uh...
Teenage hood: Um...
Arrival to Dragondera: Umm... Born there?
First Battle: Against some minor descendent of Elctirnaba
First Hunt: Nothing interesting happened.
First Squabble: Nothing Interesting happened.
History: He figts descents of Elctirnaba, thinking he can rid the land of "evil"
Lord: Crescent
Lady: His mate
Mates: No one.
Offspring: None
Allegiance: Good
Enemy: Kincaid, all relatives of Elctirnaba.
Scars: A few random cuts from other fights.
Weapons: Claws, teeth, and tail
Nickname: None. (Although he hates beig called Nunu)
Powers: Nothing, just skill and experience. And maybe some lessons form the god of weapons or something.
Best Friends: No one.
Greatest Joy: Victory.
Greatest Fear: Being wrong.
Human Voice Actor Suggestion: Sorry, I've got no ideas.
Theme Songs: Same problem here as the previous one.
Notes of Importance: A mirror of Kincaid.
Quotes from Others: "You're crazy." - Just about everyone before he fights them.
  • Listening to: Whatever my sister is watchig on the TV
  • Reading: Still <i>Steven Jobs</i>
  • Watching: Minecraft vids, mostly Mindcrack guys
  • Playing: <i>Pokemon Black</i>, Minecraft
  • Eating: Whatever I can find
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So... Last journal got zero comments... Why am I not surprised...

Anyways, on to the topic on hand: Does anyone know of any good dragon, Pokemon, Mineraft, or Metroid themed groups to watch? I would kind of like to focus my favorites on those that I find to be extra cool or unique, not just the ones that become somewhat populare within 24 hours. I would also love any suggestions as to any groups I could submit my stuff to.

Now that I think of it, any Digimon or Bionicle themed groups would also be pretty good too. And it doesn't have to be just writing either!

And now for something completely random that I saw on the fornt page of Reddit: (Warning, contains vore [Wow, I never thought I would type that])
  • Listening to: Whatever my sister is watchig on the TV
  • Reading: Still <i>Steven Jobs</i>
  • Watching: Minecraft vids, mostly Mindcrack guys
  • Playing: <i>Pokemon Black</i>, Minecraft
  • Eating: Nothing *grumble*
  • Drinking: Coke
You can edit these things, right?

EDIT: I found the edit button!

Anyways, :iconarykhdragon777: is doing a spotlight thing, and as part of it I'm supposed to make my own one. So, be one of the first ten (would be fifteen, but I would like to be able to fill this out one day, and I can change it later) people to comment on this and I'll put you avatar and the three deviations that I like the most on this journal. Note that you then have to do the same, and put me at the top of your list. It's a Pay It Forward sort of idea, a way for less viewed artists to get their stuff viewed. So, without farther waiting:

1):iconarykhdragon777: Arykhdragon777
  a) Summer Break- Chapter 7As I went back to my cave, I remembered that I had a new cave, anything belonging to the deceased Bisak now belonged to me. Everyone took one look at my blood crusted arm and instantly I was treated very differently. Males acted very submissive, and females hoped that I didn't noticed them. However, I did notice that there were not many dragonesses travelling through the tunnels, but a quick look showed every now and then that a dragoness was sleeping inside; some had tears wetting the scales under their eyes. In  one cave, a dragoness was begging the male that claimed her to leave her alone. The last thing Arykh saw before he passed by was the drake grabbing her wrists and forcing them against the wall as he moved his body against hers, ignoring her pleas.
I shook my head and somehow I knew which one was my new cave. I walked inside. It was far larger than my old one, and it had a pile of gold sitting in one corner. "I guess some dragons do hoard gold." I reached out to pick

     This was the first thing of his I read.

Mature Content

     And this is why I made a DA account! (Curse you dang Mature Content blocks!)
  c) The Dark HourI never was the center of attention, unless it came to picking on me. I was 15 and, unlike other teenagers, I still fanned a love of Pokémon in my heart. Not the TV show of course, the amount of emotion that they put into every freaking movement was enough to make me hurl, but the Pokémon themselves. Needless to say, when the school bullies found out I had that obsession, a target was painted on my back. Or a 'kick-me' sticky note.
My home life wasn't much better; my dad was a drunk and beat me daily and after wards both of my parents would get into a huge fight until Dad beat her too. I asked her one day when he was gone, why she didn't turn him in and she replied that she can help him.
Well the only thing that she has 'helped' him with is his punch. Last week he broke a couple of my mom's ribs and she has been hospitalized since. Not that she needed it, but I paid for it so she could be away from my dad longer. When he found out he was highly intoxicated and was out for blo

     Well, this was a hard choice... (Must.. not... pick... Mine... Craft... screen... shot... F1...)
Random Fun Fact: I commented on a thread he made on the Minecraft Forum before I came to DA. Wierd, right?










Oh, by the way, Pyrrha Part II will be up this Friday. I'm liking this chapter much better than the first... But expect another cliffhanger. Sorry!
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Well, I had an interesting weekend. We had to go to Chicago for a cousin's wedding. Since the bride was Episcopalian they decided to have the wedding in that tradition, with a female priest. Surprisingly, the two traditions are rather similiar so, despite differences, it was a pretty normal wedding.

Now on to something actually interesting. I plan on trying to uplod stuff fairly regularly, normally on Friday. Also, I'm doing a little writing, so expect a written deviantion before the end of the month. It's actually already written, but I want to write the next part and give it a review first.

By the way, is anyone actually watching this, or does everyone just watch deviantions, like I normally do?
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Well, next week is finals week, and then I'm out of college for the summer! Now I just need to find a job...