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If you ever find yourself shipwrecked, pray you do not find yourself trapped upon a deserted beach.


I slowly trudged along the beach, searching for water, as I cursed my bad luck. When the boat had crashed, I thought I was dead. When my lifejacket brought me to shore, I thought I was a survivor. Instead, I was trapped.
Already, the sun was burning my skin. I thanked whatever might be out there, listening to my thoughts, that I had put sunscreen on before going out. If I had not, I would have been burned everywhere that was not covered by my bathing suit. I already regretted leaving my life jacket behind, but by now the waves had already washed it away.
Damn the sun.


I kept moving down the beach, searching for a sign of fresh water or civilization. I don’t know how far I had gone. Perhaps I should have measured it in time, but I lacked a watch.
I turned and looked back the way I had come. My tracks marked the beach for as far as I could see. I turned ninety degrees, my back to the ocean. There, coastal trees held root, blocking my view. I considered going into them in search of water, but fear of hurting my feet stopped me, just as it had the last time I considered it. I turned again, and continued my walk down the beach.
Damn the forest.


The heat of the day had struck. Already, I seemed to be almost unable to sweat. My skin was barely moist, a fine barrier of water against the sun’s heat.
A wind had even struck up. It was not the pleasant, cooling kind though. No, when this wind blew it did the seemingly impossible; it made me warmer. Apparently, the air was so warm even the breeze held no relief.
Out of water and out of time, I collapsed.
Damn the heat.


“Hey, are you okay?”

The voice broke me out of my reverie. Looking up out of the hole I had dug, I saw a pleasant young woman looking down on me. Looking behind her, I saw a few families, out for a day on the beach. Behind me, even more people stayed closer to the pier, choosing a shorter walk and the shade it offered. Up the beach, my own family had set up camp for the day.

I gave her a smile. “Yeah, I’m fine.”
I'm alive!
If you only watch my deviations, I have not one but two new, long journals you should read! Here is a link to the second on, which contains a link to the first: link

This was actually an idea I had on summer break. It was an extremely hot day, and I began, for some reason, to think about writing about it for some sort of descriptive piece. Thus, the middle of this was born! In my mind, I thought it would be really nice if I could end it with the revelation of some lady asking the main character if they were okay and, low and behold, near the end of my stay a nice young lady did just that.

And yes, I like to dig holes when I visit the beach.

EDIT: By the way, if anyone knows a group that this could be submitted to, please do so / tell me the group so I can submit it.
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October 5, 2013
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